Story Brids!!

I did a story Bird with a buddy in New Zealand.    It is a great story!!   I have never seen her in my life, because she lives on the other side of the world. 

Her name is Tyla.   She is in Mrs.Mckenize’s class.


Me and her love the story we made so much.  Our story is called Alex’s Day.

All my friends have a buddy in New Zealand.

I had a fun time doing a story with Tyla.

Alex's Day on Storybird

End of Shcool!

It almost the end of school.

Do like school?

School is exiting and fun.  I have the best techer!  Her class is nice all the time .

My school is A.J.  I love the name!!!  I will cry when I have to leave Mrs.Watson’s room.

She does so many nice things for us.  She is the best techer in the world.

The End Of School!

Play House!

I have been reading for a long time. I love to read.  Do you like to read?  I have learned that you have to read because if you do not read it will be very hard. I am trying to do my best in all my reading. 

I would like you to notice that I have gotten stronger in reading since September!
I am going to tell you about what I did because I got a lot better every day! I have a lot of fun! I practice everyday and that is how I got better all the time. I try to do my best everyday.

Do you do your best on your reading?

I do Cross Checking and Back up and Reread that is what I do!

The books I like are Hannah Montana, Justin Bibber, Harry Potter and Up Up Down!

I love to read!

Mrs Watson has been so nice that she has done a chart that we can look at it!

So here it is!

The Water Cycle!

We did Common Craft videos.  My team was Kennedy, Quang, Mia and me.  Did you ever do a Common Craft video?   I had a lot of  jobs for the team.   My team was very nice and they were very good.   The water cycle is a never ending cycle! Do you like rain, sleet, snow or hail?

Hope that you like it.  Have a great day!
I am going to put a video of the Common Craft video on my blog so here it is.


Hope you liked it!

My Art Show!

We have been doing art work all year long. I want my mom and dad to notice that I am trying to make my art work better and better. I am so happy that we are doing art. Do you think that I am doing better and better?

My Favourite art was the 100 year old paintings. We did tints and shads. We also lend that tall stroos are better with painings!

Here it is!

Science Fair Today!!!

Today was a science fair!!!

Do you love Science?   The judge said to me that they liked my project. `They said it was cool.

I did the Floating Ball Experment.

The materials I used were Table-Tennis-Ball,

and a straw a fat straw and a thin straw.

If you did a science projet what would you do?

My friend Sophie is doing a plant projet.

The Science fair was fun!


SCIENCE!click to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own text

My Family

My family!!!

Do you love your family?  Because I love my family.

I am going to say somethings about my family.

1. Jorja is nice, fun, and loving.

2. My Dad is cool, funny, and one more thing loving.

3. My mom is loving, nice,  and she helps me.

My Famliy!

A famliy helps you a lot.

A Big Surprise

Today we had a big suprise!  Here are there names John,Alex and Anthony.  They were very good at music!  Here is a website  They said that they were playing for 22 years.  Here are some songs they did.  Hannah Motana,Phineas and Ferbe,StarWars,Bumble Bee,Mario,Spiderman and lots more!  Do you like music? My favorite song was all of them.  My friend Molly she got to go up and
be the conductor.

I hope they come again!


Cool Spring Break

On  spring break I had 4 sleep overs at people’ s homes and  my home.  I went to pony camp and went on 3 trail rides,  walking trails.  I had a lot of fun, but now my dad is gone and I miss him, but I am lucky to have my mom.


My Mom got me and my sister cats!


My mom is going to bring them to school!

I hope that everybody in my class had a great time.